1. The Great Indoors Award 2009:
          Changing ideals

          A lot has happened since the last edition of The Great Indoors Award in 2007. It remains unclear what the (in)direct effects of the credit crunch will be on the field of interior design, from interior designers to furniture manifecturers, from project developers to architects, and media such as magazines. Today the world looks drastically different. The Great Indoors 2009 explores these new realities.

          The Great Indoors Award is an international, biennial, interior design award initiated and organized by: FRAME Magazine (Amsterdam), Marres, House for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), and NAiM/Bureau Europa (Maastricht).

        2. Nominees

        1. The jury faced a difficult task, in that over 380 applicants from 40 countries had registered for the second edition of The Great Indoors Award 2009; a remarkable number considering the current economic crisis.


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